The Ottawa Buddhist Society serves Theravada Buddhists of all backgrounds in and around Ottawa, Canada’s Capital.

All who support the Society and its objectives are welcome to Society activities:
meditation retreats, days of mindfulness, Friday evening meetings at 91A Fourth Avenue
Dharma study groups and to become members.

The OBS focuses primarily on Buddhist teachings in the Theravada tradition as practised in the forest monasteries in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma.

Let not a person revive the past
Or on the future build his hopes
For the past has been left behind
and the future has not been reached.
Instead with insight let him see
Each presently arisen state,
Let him know that and be sure of it,
Invincibly and unshakeably.
Today the effort must be made;
Tomorrow Death may come, who knows?
No bargain with Mortality
Can keep him and his hordes away
But one who dwells thus ardently,
Relentlessly, by day and night –
It is he, the Peaceful Sage has said,
Who has had a single excellent night.

Buddha – One Auspicious Night Discourse  (Translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi)

~ ~ ~

The OBS communicate primarily in English.


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