Vesak rice pindapada (almsround) at Tisarana Monstery

Dana is the Pali word for ‘generosity’ or giving with an open heart.  The Buddha’s first teaching was on the importance of cultivating generosity as a way of encouraging non-attachment and a concern for the well-being of others.  The practice of giving allows both the giver and the receiver to experience a genuine gladness of the heart.  In setting the intention to practice generosity, the giver experiences the happiness that comes with sharing and letting go of selfishness.  And in graciously accepting the gift, the receiver experiences deep gratitude for another’s kind act.

Generosity is the central principle guiding all aspects of the OBS’s goals and activities.  By gratefully accepting donations, the OBS is able to offer financial support to its monastic and lay teachers, who are not otherwise compensated for their teaching.  Your dana offerings also make it possible for us to continue to run our events in this same joyful spirit of reciprocal generosity.