In accordance with the Buddhist teachings on generosity, donations, however small or large, are very much encouraged and deeply appreciated.

And what is the accomplishment of generosity? Here, a noble disciple dwells at home with a mind free from stinginess, freely generous, open-handed, delighting in relinquishment, one devoted to charity, delighting in giving and sharing.

– The Buddha

You may direct a donation to either OBS Teaching Events or to the Ottawa Buddhist Society.

OBS Teaching events: The Buddha’s teachings are offered for free by monastics associated with the Ottawa Buddhist Society. The OBS reflects this generosity by giving 85% of donations collected from its teaching events to the monasteries where the teachers reside.

Ottawa Buddhist Society: Donations made to the Ottawa Buddhist Society go towards rental for OBS events, website administration, retreat overheads, online programming, gifts for teachers etc. Where there is a surplus of funds the OBS distributes financial gifts to the monasteries that it supports.

Donations can be made online using the PayPal ‘Donate’ button on this page, through Canada Helps  or  by mailing a cheque.

PayPal: You may make a single one-time donation or a monthly pledge. Please make sure to direct your donation, by selecting either ‘Most Recent Teacher’, in which case it will go to support  the monastery of the most recent teacher or to the ‘Ottawa Buddhist Society’. To do this go to the ‘Use this donation for’ box, beneath the donation amount and click on the menu arrow.

Cheque: You may specify where you would like to direct your donation by writing clear instructions on your cheque or by including a note. Please mail your cheque to:

Ottawa Buddhist Society
38 Wallford Way
Nepean, ON K2E 6B6

The Ottawa Buddhist Society is a registered charity – BN:119071256RR0001.

All donations made within Canada are tax-deductible and eligible for tax receipts. If you would like a tax receipt for Canadian tax purposes please select ‘Share your mailing address with the Ottawa BuddhistSociety’ as your full street address must be included on the receipt. We will email a receipt to you in February of the following year. If you have any questions please email:

Paycheque Deductions via the United Way: If you are employed by an organization that participates in the United Way charitable donations program, it is possible to designate exactly which charities you wish your paycheque deductions to go to.  Donations made to the OBS via the United Way are noted on your T4 slips at the end of the year and require no additional tax receipts.