Driving and Hosting Monastics

We are always looking for volunteers to drive monastics to and from our events. This would usually involve either: picking them up on a Friday at around 5.30 pm from Perth and driving them into Ottawa, driving them back after our Friday evening meditation session at around 9.30 pm, or driving them back after The Day of Mindfulness on a Saturday at around 3.30 pm. Volunteers who drive to Perth on a Friday evening may stay overnight at Tisarana or Sati Saraniya. Occasionally volunteer drivers are needed to help out with non-residential retreats or to drive monks from The Heron Road Temple to OBS events.

If you are interested in hosting a monk or nun on a Friday night after the evening meditation session, during a non-residential retreat or at any other required time.

Please click the following link for further details:
Guidelines for Driving and Hosting Monastics